What is Force?
TEDx QMUL, June 2016

A Second Course in String Theory
SEPnet, May 2016

Ambitwistor Strings
CRST Journal Club, April 2016

The Laws of the Universe
Bright Club, March 2016

One-loop Soft Theorems via Dual Superconformal Symmetry
Glasgow, February 2016
Edinburgh, March 2016
Oxford, March 2016
Cambridge, April 2016

The Black Hole Magic Trick
Famelab, Science Museum, January 2016

Tales of the Unexpected: Soft Theorems and Hidden Symmetries
Young Theorists’ Forum, January 2016
London Student Triangle, December 2015

Penrose Diagrams and Their Applications
CRST Journal Club, November 2015

The God Particle – Not Very Natural!
QMUL Outreach, July 2015

Quantum Corrections to Soft Theorems
PhD Progression Seminar, June 2015

Mathematica for Physicists (video lectures)
SEPnet, May 2015

CRST Journal Club, February 2015

How Many Fundamental Dimensionful Constants?
CRST Journal Club, December 2014

The Amplituhedron
CRST Journal Club, October 2014

Physics Through The Looking Glass
3 Minute Thesis, June 2014

Scattering Equations for Form Factors
PhD Progression Seminar, June 2014

Not Firewalls (ER = EPR)
CRST Journal Club, May 2014

Holographic Entanglement Entropy
CRST Journal Club, March 2014

An Introduction to Twistors
CRST Journal Club, February 2014

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