Meteor App Liveblog (Entry 6)

Ba-da-boom! And that’s my time up. I think I’m going to give myself a little bonus time later this evening, so watch out for a final round-up then.

Where do we stand? I’ve integrated the bootstrap popover and remove functionalities, which was pleasingly simple. Next up is the accounts feature. I’ve hit one of the hazards of working with a beta technology, namely that some packages mysteriously don’t work. A workaround is to temporarily downgrade using meteor update --release.

To summarize: there’s a bit of a learning curve with Meteor at the start, particularly if you aren’t familiar with Mongo and Handlebars. But once you’ve entered into the right spirit, it’s really good fun! I’ll see over the coming days how it stands up to more complex tasks. I still reckon MEAN is the way to go for massive scalability. But Meteor is great for smaller projects, and I daresay more enjoyable!


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