Meteor App Liveblog (Entry 2)

So I’ve got meteor installed and the app created. But it wasn’t quite as plain sailing as the docs make it seem. Here’s some tips

  • you might need to add/usr/local/bin to your $PATH if it isn’t there already
  • the simplest way of shoehorning in Coffeescript seems to be adding the package with meteor add then changing the js file to a .coffee one and altering the syntax.
  • It annoys me that meteor doesn’t timestamp things in bash. So use this instead
    meteor | gawk '{ print strftime("%H:%M:%S"), $0; fflush(); }'

Also Bootstrap is installed nicely. Though it seems I might need a custom package for more control over which JS files get included. I’ll probably get to play around with the unofficial Meteorite package manager later.

So. On with the coding!


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