Why String Theory?

Sorry, long time no post. But here’s why. I’ve just finished working on a very exciting website explaining string theory to the layman. We hope it’s informative and approachable. Any comments or feedback would be gladly received.

Next week it’ll be back to the algebraic geometry!

2 thoughts on “Why String Theory?”

  1. Hey Edward,

    just stumbled upon whystringtheory.com. Very, very impressive! Clean layout and of course nicely accessible content. Just one thing you could do in addition: improve the speed of the site. You could for example try to merge css and js files and compress them. This reduces load and querries. The same could be done for background images – look up sprites.
    Anyways, great work 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback! For various technical reasons we decided not to use sprites for all of the images (you’ll notice that there are some sprites in the site however). I would normally compress CSS and JS for a completed website also, but left them uncompressed here for ease of modification. Glad you liked the design.

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